At Global Vision, we are an affordable home inspection company, entirely in compliance with the InterNACHI standards of practice (SOP). In the process of our inspection in your property, we will do a complete visual walkthrough.
Taking note of any damages or defects that you may not be aware of, helping you to understand the aspects of your home.
Providing that these areas can be safely accessed, we will inspect these areas thoroughly

✔ External and internal Conditions and Surfaces

✔ Roof, Attic, Insulation, and Ventilation

✔ Plumbing and Electrical Systems

✔ Appliances

✔ Heating and Cooling Systems

✔ Structure

✔ Permit Inspection

✔ Walls, Windows, doors and Ceilings

✔ Garage, Walls, and Driveway


There are different reasons why you may need a professional inspection done on your home. For example, you may want to make sure your property to be sale ready, or you may want to know the condition of a home you are buying,  you may wish to acquire documentation proving your property’s condition so you can qualify for insurance credits.

A home inspection is a meticulous examination that identifies any potential issues that may need to be further evaluated or remedied. It’s just like a physical check-up when you go to the doctor; only this one is a residential check-up for your home.

Our team is highly qualified to provide the most detail and precise evaluation of your property, by prioritizing our client’s needs, we have established a sound reputation for outstanding services.


Buying a home is a significant investment, and we take pride in helping you with one of the most important decisions you will ever make.


At Global Vision, we provide inspections for your condo in central Florida. As leaders in the field of a home inspection, we are successful in meeting the ever-changing needs of the market. We can give you a detailed evaluation so that you can have the vital information you need in making those life long important decisions.

  • We identify any issues with a condo before purchasing it
  • We identify any problems that need to be repaired or resolved before selling the apartment.
  • We Document the property’s current condition for insurance purposes.

At our company, we are all about serving the customer and ensuring that the needs of the client are met.

You can trust on us for a thorough inspection of your condo’s interior, electrical systems, plumbing systems, insulation, and much more. We take pride in giving reliable and affordable home inspections,


If you wish to sell your home, you should note that a pre-listing inspection will make your home more appealing to interested buyers. In our inspections, we will identify issues that may deter buyers from making offers or lower their offers. In this way, we will allow you to repair the problems before listing it on the market for sale.

  • The home is pre-inspected, so there are no surprises for the buyer or you.
  • The seller has the chance to make his or her repairs.
  • The seller has the opportunity to bill the cost of the repairs into the price of the house.
  • Eliminate Unforeseen Costs, Negotiating Twice, And Deals From Falling Apart Due To Home Inspections.



A lot of people may expect by buying a new home that there is nothing can be wrong with it because no one has ever lived in it.

Sadly the reality of it is even with a brand new home can have many problems that will cause trouble later down the road. This is because many new homes are built on tight schedules and deadlines without the attention to standards in the construction industry without adequate supervision.

What’s even more alarming, builders tend to cut corners by using defective materials and bad installation techniques.

Although these homes may pass the basic municipal inspections, which look for compliance with codes, they would not tell you the issues that would cost money in the future. At our company, we take pride in giving the customer the real value for his or her money. Our honest and experienced inspectors will alert you to problems that would arise in any part of the construction process.

We always like to be there in the early stages of the building so we can ensure the job it’s done in the right way.

We also provide inspections on completed structures to uncover hidden defects, inferior materials shoddy quality.

If there are no issues, then you will have peace of mind knowing that a thorough inspection was done by experience trained competent professionals who have your best interest at hand.


(4 Point Inspections)

Are you getting a new insurance policy or renewing one? Most of the insurance companies require a 4 point inspection report before acquiring the policy.

The four-point inspection looks at the main areas of interest in the home:

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • Electrical wiring and panels
  • Plumbing connections and fixtures
  • Roof

If these systems were improperly installed when the building was constructed, our inspection would indicate what steps are needed to be taken to reduce the potential hazards in the home.


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A wind mitigation inspection is performed to decide if your home is outfitted with the appropriate features that are needed against hurricane-level winds, if your home has it you may qualify for one or more wind credits under Florida insurance policy.

According to the division in Florida emergency management, 15% to 70% of home insurance has been reduced by having a wind inspection done. Our inspection will evaluate your house and help you determine the eligibility for these credits


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At Global Vision, we provide permit inspections for you House. As leaders in the field of home inspections, we have associations with most of the government entities with jurisdiction allowing us to give you a detailed evaluation of the permits and violations that are associated with the property so that you can have the vital information you need in making those lifelong important decisions.
• We identify any open permits on the property
• We identify any violations link to the property.
• We identify and Document those works done in the property without an approved permit.

When you finalize the buying of the property, The New owner of the house is responsible for any violation, open permits or works done without an approved permit. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t do it.

At our company, we are all about serving the customer and ensuring that the needs of the client are met


Re-inspection allows both parties to be on the same page, the buyer and the seller, as they move forward to close the deal. After the buyer’s inspection is done, a follower up re-inspection should be done to ensure a repair was done correctly according to completion standards and regulations.